Ted Turner Started It – Conclusion

First the news/opinion line was blurred, but that wasn’t enough in the news-for-profit era. In the quest for ratings and dollars, FoxNews went the next step – news became entertainment.

Entertainment needs personalities, thus the rise of O’Reilly, Hannity, etc. Their formula was simple: from day one of the Clinton administration, it was all accusations all the time. Nonstop nonsense. Gays in the military. Hillary’s health care efforts. Finally they got their meal ticket in Ken Starr. “Whitewater” led to Lewinsky blow jobs, 24/7. A very effective peace-and-prosperity administration was undermined (and our power and influence internationally, as well). Shoot at bin Laden? “Clinton is just playing Wag the dog. Well hear more from Linda Tripp when we come back”.

And always they were at Hillary. “Tonight: Is she the evil murderer of Vince Foster or simply a misguided lunatic? A fair and balanced discussion after this.”

Because of the stain on Clinton created by Murdoch/Ailes, Al Gore has to run away from the excellent Clinton record. Bush slides in, resulting in eight years of willful ignorance, profligacy, and the disastrous shadow presidency of Dick Cheney. The middle east is destabilized for keeps.

Obama landslide results, but FoxNews never quits attacking. The terrorist fist bump. Birthers. Framing a middle-of-the-road moderate as a dangerous radical. All the while they have their eye on the Heiress Apparent. Liar! Benghazi! Emails! Goldman Sachs!

Now comes Trump. Again with Bill’s blowjobs. After 25 years of the made up scandals and carping on Crooked Hillary’s criminal empire, FoxNews can no longer dial it down. When Trump whips up the “lock her up” crowd, they have to buy in. They can’t now say, “actually, you know what, never mind, we didn’t mean it all these years. You’ve gone to far. What are we – Iran? In this country, we don’t imprison or execute our political opponents.”

The toothpaste is out of the tube. Thanks for nothing, Ted Turner.


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