The New Republic explains Trump

The Pro-Trump Intellectuals Who Want to Overthrow America

What a crock.

How about this instead: Just as digital technology has disrupted and redefined all other endeavors and professions – journalism, retail, travel, cab drivers, stock brokers, classified advertising, yard sales, radio broadcasting, telephones, photography, pornography, and so much more – it has also changed what it means to be a politician.

Trump does not need a war chest of hundreds of millions to press his case (or should I say his venomous babbling) via TV ads on networks that no one watches any more. He doesn’t need Gallup polls when he has “likes”, “upvotes”, and “followers”. He only needs his cell phone and Twitter. All is said in 140 characters. All is transient, forgotten, contradicted, amplified, and transmogrified seconds later in the next tweet. Nothing is vetted. Facts, or as the Straussians prefer, “truth”, matters not.

Idiocracy has given way to Twitterocracy. The death of the printed word signals the birth of Trumpism. Give the worst instincts and impulses of everyone and anyone a platform and megaphone equal in power and authority to the New York Times, and let the devil take the hindmost.


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